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Welcome to our section, where Culture Indoor offers you neon horticultural ramps, section that includes all your favorite lighting for indoor cultivation as well as for the period of growth or flowering with the models ofneon or turbo neonlighting:

- Starlite (2x55w or 4x55w),
- T5 superplant and growht technology (from 48w to 432w)
- and T5HO superplant (from 48w to 160w) with tube sylvania T5H0
- Neon led (from 26w to 42w )

But also the neon lights Secret Jardin, Growth Technology T5 from 48 to 432w .

A wide choice of design and colors for your neon ramps.

Select here your complete neon horticultural lighting kit and grow your plants!

ideal also for small spaces of cultures or rooms or cupboards of culture very low in height, these devices of horticultural lighting heat very little, and can be at a distance of 5 to 15 cm of the plants without risks of burns for your plants

horticultural lighting 100% PAR therefore 100% assimilable by plants

different spectrum available 6400K° growth, 2700K° flowering, 3000K° flowering, 4000K° growth/flowering and 8000K° growth/flowering type grolux sylvania,and 25.000K° unique pure violet spectrum