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Welcome to our category dedicated to"Pots, substrates and potting soils", where you can find a wide range of accessories essential for an optimal development of the root system.

Fertile substrate containing organic or organo-mineral fertilizing agents, such as potting soilsthe SpeedGrow Green is a fertile substrate containing organic or organo-mineral fertilizers, such as the high quality fertilizers we have always distributed at Culture Indoor... To inert substrates, called hydroponics, such as clay marbles, rock wool, coconut fiber, coco rooting cubes, sphagnum moss, perlite, vermiculite, Sure To Grow substrate, pozzolan, aquanappe (geotextile fiber covering the structure of a plant wall), nFT films or even substrate for Orchids.

Both indoor and outdoor, every grower will find his ideal substrate in our vast department!

At discount prices: the same prices that have made Culture Indoor successful!

Discover our selection of the best substrate brands on the European market, known for their quality and efficiency such as :

Platinium Soils (France), Plagron (Netherlands), Atami (Netherlands), Biobizz (Netherlands), Gold Label Soils (Netherlands), Canna (Netherlands), Bio Nova (Netherlands), Or Brun (France), Guanokalong (Netherlands), Ugro (Netherlands), Grodan (Netherlands), The Growth Technology (United Kingdom), SpeedGrow Green (Netherlands) ...

In addition, discover the other part of our department dedicated to containers traditional plastic potsand smart Pots textile potsand air Pots pots, recovery trays, solid or flexible tanks, containers, etc hydroponic baskets ... But also design potsthe famous and elegant pots Lechuza with their integrated wick tank.

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