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SuperBox grow rooms continue to evolve!
The SuperBox Evolution offers you a superior quality thanks to a 1680D mylar and 22mm bars. Its great feature is its adjustable height: the SuperBox Evolution can go from 200 cm high to 220 cm or 240 cm, or even 260 cm! If you are looking for a Gorilla tent, go to the next level with superbox evolution , the new top-of-the-range reference of the rooms of cultures rehaussable at will, pass from 2 meters to 2m.20 or 2m.40 to see 2m.60 or 2.80cm, the tents rehaussable with the best quality-price ratio at culture indoor leader of the culture in inside since 2002, discover the biggest choice of cupboards or closet to cultivate indoor 365 days a year, ideal for the culture out of ground or the intensive hydroponic culture and with the abundant productions.