Welcome to the section dedicated to measuring and dosing instruments. At unbeatable prices Culture Indoor!!!

At Culture Indoor, you will find a huge choice of devices, measuring and dosing toolslike :

- pH testers (potential hydrogen) and electro-condictivity (EC) testers(potential hydrogen) and , offered individually or as part of a pack including the two instruments. Find the biggest brands of testers and their maintenance solutions of the market, such as Bluelab Instruments, HM Digital, Platinium Instruments, CIS Products...

- valuable thermo-hygrometers with memory, retaining the high and low temperatures and humidity levels in your growing area.

- of precision balances (to the nearest tenth or hundredth)... practical measuring tools for fertilizers or pH down, packaged in powder form.

- dosing tools for liquids such as syringes, pipettes and measuring cups.

- the pressure or compression sprayersuseful for all foliar treatments.

- luxmeters whose function is to measure the light intensity of your installation but also to control the wear of the bulbs or the light distribution provided to each plant, according to their positions in the Grow Room.

Welcome to Culture Indoor, the N°1 hydroponics company in France and in Europe, on prices and choice!!!!

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