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Bullfan - Bull Box Soft - 750m³/h

Thanks to their insulating and soundproofing design, these boxes offer silent operation while providing exceptional ventilation performance.

Bullfan - Bull Box Soft - 750m³/h
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Product details

Bull Box Soft - Optimize your growing environment with Bullfan

Revolutionize Indoor Growing with Bull Box Soft

Ventilation is essential in indoor growing to control temperature, humidity and provide fresh air for plants. Bull Box Soft from Bullfan are designed to ensure ideal growing conditions and successful harvests. Fitted with centrifugal fans and high-density foam insulation, their unique design minimizes vibration and noise, ensuring quiet operation even at high pressure, and easy connection to round air ducts.

Sound Isolation and Stability: The Bull Box Soft Advantages

Dive into the world of Bull Box Soft from Bullfana revelation for thriving indoor cultivation. Imagine plants thriving in an environment where every detail counts. That's why our revolutionary boxes are the key to your fruitful harvests. Featuring an ingenious design, they transcend simple fans to give you an exceptional growing experience. Reduce the stress on your plants by adopting our exceptional sound insulation. Bull Box Soft act as a protective cocoon, cushioning shocks and stabilizing the growing environment. Their surprising lightness makes them discreet allies, while guaranteeing unrivalled performance.

Create an ideal microclimate with IP44 waterproofing and mildew resistance. Your plants will thrive in a clean, healthy space. What's more, with their thermal insulation and vibration reduction, Bull Box Soft are the guardians of your crops' well-being, withstanding even climatic extremes ranging from -40 to 110ºC. The environment is as safe as it is fertile, as these boxes not only comply with the ISO 20170217 standard, but also respect the planet thanks to their recyclability.

Flourishing crops

Choose from our 11 distinct models, designed to meet all your specific needs. With Bull Box Soft, your indoor cultivation will reach new heights. Leave nothing to chance, and give your plants the ideal environment they deserve. Bull Box Soft are much more than just extraction technology - they're the guardians of your plants, the partners who will help you achieve a culture worthy of your expectations. Don't wait any longer, dive into the indoor growing revolution and make your plants thrive like never before.

Bull Box Soft benefits :

  • Exceptional sound insulation
  • Shock absorption
  • Remarkably light
  • IP44 waterproofing and mildew resistance
  • Thermal insulation and vibration reduction
  • Temperature tolerance from -40 to 110ºC
  • Fire resistance
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • ISO-compliant 20170217

Technical specifications :

Choose from 11 different models to meet your specific needs.

Model⌀ Flange inlet (mm)⌀ Flange outlet (mm)FlowNoise levelDimensions (cm)Weight (kg)
Bull Box Soft 250 125 125 250m³/h 30.2 dB 32x32x38 4,50
Bull Box Soft 550 160 160 550m³/h 30.6 dB 32x32x38 5,00
Bull Box Soft 750 200 200 750m³/h 31.9 dB 32x32x38 5,00
Bull Box Soft 1200 250 250 1200m³/h 34.4 dB 42x42x48 10,50
Bull Box Soft 1500 250 250 1500m³/h 36.7 dB 42x42x48 10,00
Bull Box Soft 2000 2x250 315 2000m³/h 38.1 dB 52x52x58 17,50
Bull Box Soft 2500 2x250 315 2500m³/h 39.9 dB 52x52x58 18,00
Bull Box Soft 3250 2x250 315 3250m³/h 42.4 dB 52x52x58 18,00
Bull Box Soft 4250 2x250 315 4250m³/h 45.2 dB 52x52x58 19,50
Bull Box Soft 5000 2x250 315 5000m³/h 49.9 dB 62x62x68 21,50
Bull Box Soft 6000 2x250 315 6000m³/h 54.4 dB 62x62x68 27,00
Bull Box Soft 7000 2x250 315 7000m³/h 56.1 dB 62x62x68 27,50

Optimize your growing environment by investing in Bull Box Soft ventilation boxes from Bullfilter. Thanks to their innovative design, these boxes offer silent operation while guaranteeing exceptional ventilation. With Bull Box Soft, you'll achieve abundant harvests in an optimal environment.

Technical sheet

  • Air flow
    401 to 800 m3/h
  • Inlet diameter
  • Output diameter
  • Product type
    Soundproof extractor, Extractor housing
  • Eco-participation in €uros
  • Marque
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