Questions / réponses

What is a plant protection product (PPP)?

This term refers specifically to the plant uses of pesticides (agricultural and non-agricultural, such as in gardens or municipal green spaces).
There are mainly three categories: herbicides (against weeds), fungicides (to control fungi) and insecticides (to control insects).
Other products have an action on rodents (rodenticides), snails and slugs (molluscicides).
According to the definition given by the article L.253-1 of the rural code, they also include products containing GMOs whose function is to destroy unwanted species.

What is an MA?

The Marketing Authorization (MA) is the agreement given to a holder of the exploitation rights of a commercial phytopharmaceutical speciality manufactured industrially so that he can market it.

Any plant protection product must be distributed under an MA number, which must appear on the product label.

All the MAs granted in France are listed on the site