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Smart Pot
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Smart Pot - Big Bag Bed 127x30 380L - textile pot

Smart PotBig Bag Bed of 380L. Also available in Big Bag Mini of 57L and Big Bag JR. of 190L.

Smart Pot - Big Bag Bed 127x30 380L - textile pot
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Product details

The Smart Pot Big Bag Bed (Mini 57L, JR. 190L, Original 380L) are an easy and simple way to create your own garden and grow above ground!

Simply unfold the container on a flat surface and fill it with quality potting soil, then plant!
Don't forget to make sure that the soil has the necessary bearing capacity for the Big Bag Bed installation.

This Smart Pot is made of an unbreakable material, durable for several gardening seasons, and also very resistant to bad weather.
Its porosity allows an exceptional growth of the plants thanks to an excellent drainage and an optimal oxygenation of the roots:
formation of a fibrous and dense root system, without spiralization. The Big Bag Bed facilitates the evacuation of excess heat
resulting in the reduction of thermal stress.

This type of instant gardening offers other advantages such as creating a garden on any type of surface, reaching the center easily thanks to
its circular shape, as well as extending the gardening season (the pot warms up quickly in the spring), combining several plants and companion planting.

Characteristics of the Big Bag Bed 380L:
- more than 1,25 m2 of cultivable surface,
- 127 cm diameter and 30 cm height,
- a capacity of 380L.

Know how to plant without planting yourself!
Indoor cultivationthis is the preferred choice of all growers for indoor cultivation.

Technical sheet

  • Capacity
    Between 300 and 400 L
  • Product type
  • Marque
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