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Bluelabinstruments is a prestigious manufacturer of high-end products for ultimate precision measurements and a powerful and efficient product line.
When you can test something easily and accurately, you can manage it.

Specifically, you can get the most out of hydroponic systems, hydroponics.

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Our range of products of pH meters, pH controllers and nutrient controllers(fertilizer or mineral fertilizer) for soilless or hydroponic culture, are with the brand Bluelab the best products to measure parameters such as pH, conductivity and water temperature Bluelab manages everything related to your nutrient solution for your hydroponic growing systems.

Products, testers, pens and monitors Bluelab are used all over the world and more particularly in applications for home hydroponic cultivation called indoor cultivation which translates into food production of plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs etc..

Bluelab is a young company, which innovates by nature, it has launched the best innovations of recent years in the field of amateur and professional horticultural production .

Basically Bluelab instruments, manufactures our products robust, reliable, accurate, design, simple and easy to use for the practice of closet cultures.

What is also important is that they are not only basic products like some testers of bad Chinese manufacture.

Open advice on sharing information for the benefit of the customer - Basic performance products:

Always at Bluelab discover the prestige models with very high performance:

Water quality is important

Thanks to Culture Indoor and our growing guide, increase your knowledge on hydroponics, understand all hydroponics from A to Z and discover tips & tricks to improve your indoor growing.

Learn the basics or refresh your knowledge on water acidity ( pH, conductivity and temperature).

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Think of fertilizers as a lock, pH is the key that will open new doors to your futurecrop results.

What is the best pH for plants?

In aquaponics with the instruments Bluelab it is easy to check if you are growing healthy and vigorous plants or healthy fish.

In hydroponics how to lower the pH of the water? With nitric acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid, called pH regulating acids, they can lower the pH level of your nutrient solution

You can find several types of acids to lower the pH.

  • Nitric acid 53% in liquid solution more adapted to the growth.
  • Phosphoric acid in 50% as at GHE, or 75% at Platinium Nutrients a 33% more concentrated phosphoric acid than competing brands for growth and flowering.
  • Citric acid in 50% liquid solution or in pure and concentrated powder like 420 organics which proposes a citric acid which is an organic acid in powder allowing to regulate the acidity of the pH in your nutritive solutions growth and bloom, ideal for the organic culture of the plants.
  • Urea phosphate powder like GHE pH powder, but urea leaves toxic traces as the packaging indicates and requires precautions of use. More suitable for growth.
  • Ammonium phosphate, a less powerful acid, less easy to use but more ecological like the pH powder from 420 hydroponics: pH perfect powder. For growth and flowering.

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